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Hippie Wall Hanging Tapestry

A hippie wall tapestry is an effective way of inexpensive makeover of any room of your house or flat. You might think that it is doubtful but if you try to hang a tapestry even once, you will be surprised how nice it looks and how great it changes your area of living.

The hippie tapestry wall décor usually includes various patterns of amazing and bright mandalas that hypnotize you and make you relax. Mandalas may be of any colour and design and each of them has a unique ability to influence the general atmosphere in the place. Ancient Indians used them in everyday life as well as for religious purposes.

Tapestry Hippie Wall Hanging

But large hippie wall tapestries can be also with drawings or embroideries of animals, flowers etc. as hippies were people who fought for peace and love all over the world. Thus, the patterns of this style are always peaceful and close to nature.

The small hippie wall tapestries can be woven or embroidered and they may be hung not only on the walls. The small woven patterns can be used as serviettes, bed coverings etc. despite the fact that they are little, they are able to harmonize and transform any room in a great way. As we know the general atmosphere and style are created from little and minor details very often.

The handmade embroidered mandalas and other patterns are extremely beautiful and popular but their price is higher than that of a usual factory product of such kind. So If you have time but no opportunities to obtain such an item, you may try embroidering it by yourself. In this case you will have the tapestry and pattern that you really like and into which you put a lot of energy. Many people love to create things by themselves.

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