How to Hang a Tapestry from the Ceiling

Here quick instructions

You’ll need: ruler, pencil  and velcro
1. Define the required space equal to your tapestry size;
2. Mark some patterns on back of ceiling and tapestry;
3. Now you can stick base face on the ceiling and other on tapestry side;
4. Put your tapestry on the ceiling from one side to the other end little by little.

Check for more details below…

How to Hang a Tapestry from the Ceiling

5 Ways to Hang Wall Tapestries

Another 3 Easy Ways Hang a Tapestry from the Ceiling

Easy ways, including damage-free methods for those who live in dorms or apartments. After this you will be able to hang some in your room.

Just a tip: if your tapestry doesn’t have loops you can use the command hooks and binder clips!

If the piece if small enough, get a hook and you may hang it easily but safely and enjoy all the beauty and elegance of your design. That is only a very little piece of information about how to hang tapestry on ceiling but more detailed instructions and suggestions are always available on our website. So decorate your room and make it cozier.

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