How to Hang Tapestry on Ceiling

Some tapestry on ceilling or wall was often hung since the times of the Middle Ages, especially in big houses or castles. The main aim of having such a covering on the walls or ceilings was protection from coldness and winds. And the second aim of these drawings and patterns was artistic enjoyment as these tapestries contained various pictures and plots characteristic of those epochs.

Nowadays people possess these covering mostly for beauty and refinement and these pictures always create some special atmosphere by adding brightness or tenderness to the whole décor. To hang tapestry on ceiling you need to put some beams or other special details as these decorations are often heavy and you should be careful with them. If it is a small kind of fabric drawing with the light weight you may relax and use some small attachment. But if the ceiling thing is not little at all, you have to prepare and put joists made of wood or metal and think through all the possible dangers of falling down.

How to Hang Tapestry on Ceiling

It’s time to learn how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling so you’re not coming out of pocket for damages to your wall. This project a bit time consuming, but not hard at all. One of the easiest tutorial you can find from the internet!

Actually, it is not too difficult to do but you should try to put a fabric as close to the wall as possible when hanging a tapestry on the ceiling. It will be safer to have it like this. Keep to all safety instructions when doing this and make sure that the hanging piece will not be too often touched by everyday people’s moving back and forth.

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