How to Hang Tapestry on Dorm Ceiling

How to Hang Tapestry on Dorm Ceiling

If you find yourself in a norm dorm room, you know it’s need to decorate. This little place that splendidly characterize who you are. You need to be comfy there and value the space you have to rest, chill and learning. classy tapestries are a cool way to brighten those tender walls.

Main Methods:

  1. Attach with push pins;
  2. Fasten with clothespins;
  3. Velcroing it;
  4. Hanging with adhesive hooks.

All detailed info check in our How to Hang Tapestries from the Ceiling post.

Here one of the way how to hang tapestry on dorm ceiling without spikes or drawing pins.

Watch this 90 seconds video and hang it without damaging the wall!

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