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Giant World Map Tapestry

When you are a lover of travelling and adventures, you have an excellent opportunity to get a world map tapestry. Actually, you are able to find such a covering in various types, styles and shapes. The usual classical map, for example, is perfect for children who learn at school and you want them to know geography well. With such a picture hanging on the wall or lying on the bed he or she may always look at it and find continents, countries and some other areas when they need to know the location. It is better such a tapestry was manufactured with the names of geographical spots and countries.

Most fabric or woven pieces like this are hung on the walls but still they are universal and they may be applied as bed coverings, draping fabrics during the picnic and so on. But, anyway, a wall tapestry world map is the most widespread and popular variant as researches claim.  When your kid is in love with geography you may order the whole kit of blankets, pillows and sheets for him or her and the child will be very glad to have all the favourite information all day and night in the room.

Gold World Map Tapestry

The most neutral variant that is suitable almost for any style and colouring of a place is a black and white world map tapestry and it may be easily obtained from any shop. If you have a great desire to make such an interior detail by yourself, you may do it. Some skills like ability to embroider well and some imagination will help you create a unique design.

A curious sample of such a fabric art is an antique world map tapestry, which is created with two hemispheres painted, printed or embroidered like in old times.

Old World Map Wall Tapestry

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